Friday, 25 September 2015

M LE MONDE hahahappy to be alive & surrounded by these people

24 pages full of people I love, 
admire, enjoy photographing
and make me hahahappy for M Le Monde:
Clara Deshayes,  Mark Lebon,
Eliot Sumner, Mr. Guess-Who, Candela Capitán, 
Kaya Willkins, Ophelia Finke,  Lydia Slack, 
Paulita Canovás, Federica Panelli, Benjamin Arno,
William Farr,Hanna Tanimura,  Barney Couch,
Yann-Eduard Colleau, and my little fish Kodak.
styled by Marine Chaumien, make up by Lucy Burt,
hair styled by Louis Ghewy . 
Special thanks to helpers Barney Couch
 and Stefano Colombini; 
Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet at M Le Monde 
and Romain and Clement at whitedot productions.