Wednesday, 5 November 2014


i remember reading The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst when i was thirteen. 
there was certain satisfaction in knowing no one could tell what i was reading about by looking at the cover of my books. i grew up with a strict control over the stories I consumed. we owned a tv, but for years and years it had no signal: my mother disliked tv and i could only watch the vhs and dvds previously approved by my father. my parents felt they could protect me from the world by hiding the stories they considered not appropriated for my age. but when it came to books, i wasn't specifically allowed to read what i liked -in case it traumatised me; sure - but it was impossible for my parents to follow the track of my readings. i read The Swimming Pool Library sitting next to my father during a weekend in the countryside. 
i remember having breakfast. cereals. father: 'what are you reading about?' me: 'boys and London' father: 'sounds good to me' me: 'why wouldn't?' i laugh on the inside. when I developed these photographs something brought me back to that moment. they are not exactly about the Hollinghurst book, they are about the feeling of a thirteen-years-old girl reading The Swimming Pool Library, episode seven; innocently approved by the strictest father. the boys in the pictures look very similar to how i imagined the boys in episode seven back then. 

a different approach: this is a fashion story i shot for The 7th Man Magazine, styled by KK Obi Obi. more and better in the printed copy.