Sunday, 8 December 2013

POCKET CAMERAS London, Paris, Madrid and Gothenburg in the last 20 days

Friends, coffee, models, books, planes, timers, castings, passport, breakfast (i never make it on time to dinner), alarm clocks, airports, hand-ins, flashes, parties, deadlines. Always running from one shoot to the next, from one city to the other. Always running late to shoots in the morning. Run, run, run. Coco run. 

I have got a big collection of point-and-shoot and cameras. I usually bring with me at least one (or two!) wherever I go. I only just noticed I forgot to change the time on my Yashica and now all the pictures with time are in Chinese time (oh, no!). Oh, well.
I am so happy to be alive looking at the world through a camera.
I am a citizen from nowhere and nowhere is my favourite place in the world.




Laura Borges-Ribeiro said...

Love this photo diary coco. Looks like you had such a good time.

Jasmin said...

Beautiful pictures!

Ana Laborie said...

what camera did you used

Sojin Park said...

Cool ,beautiful fotos~ i love it.

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Love Kpop said...

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