Sunday, 20 October 2013


When I lived in Beijing my house was for sometime a studio in the 798 Art District in the Chaoyang district. In the last few years the Art District has gain more and more popularity until eventually becoming one of those places full of tourists, noises and unnecessarily expensive cafes and restaurants area that one would rather avoiding if looking for a more isolated life-style.
I would wake up at seven every morning, drink a long cup of tea and head to the streets trying to find a place where I could have a non-full-English style breakfast or that strong noodle soups which I found hard to deal with at such an early hour. One lucky day I found this street vegetables market just crossing the bridge, at the other side of the galleries area. It immediately became the place where I started my days, I would always go there, buy some fruit pieces that would keep me full for most of the day, until my six o'clock rice dinner.
One day I took my polaroid camera and got a few pictures of those people who sold vegetables, who would end-up recognising me for my small shoppings and I guess my explorer eyes. They always smiled at me.
These are the only pictures I can/want to share from my long stay in China for the moment, but I wanted to let you know, readers, that a big project is still going on with all that images and I will soon update you about them. I miss Beijing, and these morning memories will always have a place in my head.