Thursday, 14 June 2012

MEGAN KENNEDY from Florida

her name is Megan. she is seventeen. she is from florida. that is in the USA. i met her walking by the street. she was looking for the place where we were supposed to meet. she came with me to buy some fruits before going to my college's studios. she is beautiful. i loved taking this picture of her, she looks as beautiful as she is. Megan Kennedy @ IMG


sara. said...

she really is beautiful

Andrea Savall said...

tiene una belleza única y muy especial.
Me encanta el color de la fotografía..
Sus pecas son increíbles!

JackonBowley said...

Woah, this photo's awesome

Laura Borges-Ribeiro said...

she's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

barbilla levantada ojos caídos, orgullosa? superior? invencible? infatigable?condescendiente?desdeñosa?desafiante? lo de la barbilla levantada fue cosa de ella, o se lo pidió la señorita coco?

Carmen Figaredo said...

Increible esta foto! Enhorabuena, tu trabajo es fantástico!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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