Friday, 20 January 2012


Among the things that make me sad... being conscious of the mistakes i cannot repair; knowing that after being wrong for such a long time it is too late to right that wrong. If i am wrong for such a long time, it is not true anymore that one day i will succeed in that which i have been so wrong.

Sad is also assuming that after being wrong for such a long time, the defeat comes without even a preceding battle. And even if i still have energy, there is no point in starting my struggle if knowingly i have lost my cause.

It could have rained over the Library of Alexandria, but what could the water do to ashes?

Some battles are declared only once, yet there is always time to run away and an eternity to gaze at the memory of running away.

It is sad to know that some opportunities are forever lost; to accept that you must give up what you desire the most, that which you were once so close to and would have fought for to the end... These are amongst the things which make me sad.


Anonymous said...

la tristeza es un vínculo, los errores son otra cosa. Tiene que ver con la imposibilidad de cambiar la realidad, pero aún se complica si aceptar nuestra rendición tiene que ver con la ley natural que limita nuestro deseo, y nuestras fuerzas.

Juan Gómez Obregón said...

Que poético.
Hace poco yo también escribí sobre lo que me hace sentir mal...