Wednesday, 25 May 2011


When talking about some of his images, Edward Gorey once said his subconscious had conjured them and ordered them in 'ascending peculiarity'. It was what I thought of when acknowledging my friends' references to Irina Werning on seeing the following shots, because like I told them, "I really hadn't thought of her work when shooting these." Although, what one does not necessarily see at first glance, is the one distinctly dissimilar detail to Werning's work: the younger girl in the first picture is not me, but my young friend Mina! I got to know her because she's my parents' friends daughter, and every time she comes around, my mother comments on how I resembled her (both in appearance and demeanor) when I was the same age. So when Mina came home and just happen to be wearing a t-shirt of sticking resemblance to mine, I thought: if ever there was a sign! And so it was, I set up the shot, and this is what happened.

Edward Gorey dijo una vez que su subconsciente hacía que sus ilustraciones se ordenasen y apareciesen en su mente de una forma muy peculiar. Pensé en ello tras mostrar estas dos fotos a mis amigos y me preguntasen si me había inspirado en uno de los proyectos de Irina Werning. Realmente no pensé en sus fotografías al tomar las mías, aunque ahora me doy cuenta de que tienen algo en común, y que probablemente el haber visto sus fotos previamente haya influido en mi modo de tomar estas dos. Hay, no obstante, una diferencia entre las fotografías del proyecto de esta artista y estas dos mías. En su colección de imágenes, Irina recrea en el presente fotos del pasado del modelo retratado, mientras que en este caso, la niña de la primera imagen no soy yo en mi infancia, sino mi amiga Mina.
Conocí a Mina hace tiempo. Es hija de unos amigos de mis padres, y siempre que nos encontramos, mi madre me habla de cuanto le recuerda a mí cuando yo tenía su edad.
Curiosamente, no hace mucho, estando en casa de mi madre, Mina vino a hacernos una visita y llevaba una camiseta tan parecida a la mía, que hacía que pareciese exactamente yo unos años atrás. No pude contenerme y tuve que hacernos una foto. Este fue el resultado.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


My good friend, Germán de la Cruz Blanca.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

DISPONSABLE MEMORIES somewhere south-and-back

The natural order of things has been eluding me. Recent happenings have had me wandering through the world wide-eyed, embroiled and fascinated even in the quotidian, and as ever, i've given myself the time needed to take-in these last few weeks in the language i know best: photography. If that is an explanation of my lack of presence on this site, then the following is the reason manifest. The images here-in are a selection of shots aimed at delineating recent events in the form of a tenuous narrative, the chronology of which was shaped by the order in which the images came back to me from the lab. This may to some of you seem like an arbitrary decision, but like i said, the natural order of things has been eluding me.

The first ones, from an 800 ISO film from a kodak disponsable camera:

A remarkable thing renewal: the grey gave way to blue under the gaze of omnipotent sunlight... I remember now why I fell in love with this city.

Live music and shows have washed over me: Lykke Li or The Naked and Famous knew how to perform.


A wondrous breakfast served up by my good friend Andy.


We skateboarded into the last light.

And the sea.

Evidence of Cadiz: this second film they gave back (a 400 ISO) I exposed with my F60 Nikon.

The most peculiar film was the third one that I stumbled upon in my old bedroom. It was an old film, amongst which, there were pictures of my little sister around the age of seven playing with her toys. This took me back to our childhood, and the memory of a young girl wandering through the days, never to be seen without a doll to-hand.

The fourth film (again shot with the Nikon F60):

As she became princess by decree, I took to celebrating in the best possible manner: fish and chips at the local English restaurant!

Watching the ceremonies from my balcony had something of the surreal about it. The wash of bodies and the ardor imbued, for many of us, a sense of witnessing something for the first time.

The same night, I took part in Andy's documentary - fortunately he was forgiving about the fact that I didn't even know how to hold a clapperboard!


Around the same time I was taking-in myriad movies. This still was shot from the screen whilst watching Raise the Red Lantern. It's an epic account of the travailing fate a young woman endures in 1920's China. The cinematography (Lun Yang/Fei Zhao) is striking.

I happened across yet more pictures of my journey to Spain. The first one is my friend Mina, around age nine, with her beloved cat. The second is the resplendent view of Cádiz from the train - undoubtedly unmatched in its beauty.

The fifth (another 800 ISO - from a Nikon disposable camera) I started in winter and finished with only last week. It was interesting to notice the altering process as the seasons shifted. I chose these three:


Ali behind the reception desk at VICE offices.

A party in-the-flesh, but more in-my-mind.

This is the same tree as the one in the top picture - seen here in winter - notice the difference? Thank Aeolus, Zeus, Poseidon and any other weather-releated god, for basking my return in such wonderful weather!

I thought it most appropriate here to post a Very random playlist. Enjoy!